New Event: Join us for a fun SINGO musical bingo session

On Thursday 28th January at 8 pm we'll be hosting a 30-minute taster SINGO session. If you are wondering what Singo is, it's bingo but with a fast-paced lockdown, musical, cyber twist.

Shane's Singo Logo

We did this as part of our corporate Christmas celebrations and it was SO much fun, we can't wait to share it with you!

We'll be joined via Zoom by our super talented host Shane, who is a singer, pianist and composer from Leeds. You'll be sent your individual SINGO card before the session, where the numbers are replaced with song titles and singers. During the session, Shane will sing and play piano live while you sing and dance along and, of course, cross off boxes on your SINGO cards.

Each session can be customised to your requirements and normally lasts between 45-60 minutes. You can pick from a selection of rounds, from Number Ones, Guilty Pleasures, TV and Film, Dead Famous, Greatest Hits and The Best of Singo.

As with a normal bingo game will also be some small prizes on offer for getting one or two lines and, of course, a full house.

Places are strictly limited for this session, so make sure you book your place by clicking on the button below now!

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